Jerry MacKaySimply...a great voice.

Where do I know that voice from?

Jerry MacKay sure sounds familiar, right? Maybe it was that training program for Nike, Exxon Mobil, or McDonalds. No, wait, it's from that online marketing film for Motorola, Intel, Wix, or Amazon. Or was it from that radio commercial for Mighty Taco, Niagara University, GCI Wireless, Enoteca Mozza or OpenGate Lending? Could be any of those, or from any number of other projects.

Of course, maybe you've just seen him around the neighborhood. He's the bald guy in the blue house. Maybe you could stop by for a drink sometime…I hear he loves to talk.

The latest news

Jerry MacKay is a true talent! Responds quickly, easy to work with/direct, GREAT voice!
Judy Gatena - REP Interactive